Our main motto is to provide quality care for your patients to the best of our ability

All our technical staff (sleep technologists/lung function technicians) are trained/qualified in performing and analysing sleep/respiratory function studies. Most of our staff have a nursing background so you can be assured that your patients are in safe hands. We assure that your patients will be treated and respected to high ethical and professional standards.

Darwin Respiratory and Sleep Clinic offers

  • Bronchoscopy and lung biopsy to diagnose complex respiratory conditions
  • Home based ambulatory sleep studies
  • Overnight inpatient diagnostic and CPAP titration studies.
  • Simple and complex lung function testing
  • Bronchial challenge test to diagnose asthma
  • Cardio pulmonary exercise testing to diagnose undetermined breathing difficulty
  • Adult and paediatric consultations for respiratory and sleep conditions
  • Actigraphy to monitor sleep disorder or shift workers sleep disorders
  • Exercise challenge test to diagnose exercise induced asthma
  • Insomnia service through partnership with Wisemind Psychology service
  • Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) to diagnose problems with day time fatigue and sleepiness
  • Maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT) for assessment of driving/work place performance. This helps in preventing work place accidents and increasing productivity.
  • Close association with other related health care providers can expedite your diagnosis and treatment
How to refer patients

You can write a referral letter and fax it to our clinic (preferred)

You can complete the sleep study/lung function request form below and fax it to our clinic on (08) 8920 6309 or email to admin@darwinressleep.com

For lung function test not requiring specialist consultation – Send in the lung function request form and the test will be performed straight away

Fees and charges

In order to provide high quality service we do employ qualified and trained technical staff. There is also considerable cost in running the service, hence we do charge a small out of pocket cost for your patients.


Physician consultation letters are dispatched within one to two weeks.

Sleep study reports are available one to two weeks following sleep study.

Lung function test and cardio-pulmonary test reports are dispatched within two weeks.

Please contact the admin staff if the report is required urgently and we will do our best to provide you the report ASAP. 

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Darwin Private Respiratory & Sleep Health offers a comprehensive service to aid with the management of sleep and respiratory disorders
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