We work with other health professionals at the Private Hospital and in the Darwin area to provide the best possible care for our patients. Some of our partners include:

Darwin Dieticians - Lara Stoll

Lara Stoll - Darwin Dieticians
Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Dietetics), Charles Sturt University

Lara has gained a wealth of experience working across the corporate, aged care and private practice sectors. She moved to Darwin to expand her expertise in working with diabetes, weight management, renal disease, cardiac issues, and gastroenterology issues. She also enjoys working within remote communities to help prevent chronic disease and promote healthier lifestyles.

Dr Hemi Patel – ENT Specialist

Dr Hemi Patel – ENT Specialist
Dr Hemi Patel, Darwin based Ear Nose & Throat specialist (ENT) works in close collaboration with Darwin Respiratory & Sleep Health for patients requiring surgical management of Obstructive sleep apnoea for both children and adults.

Psychology Team - Charles Darwin University
The Psychology team from CDU conducts regular clinics to aid in the management and advice for patients suffering from Insomnia, shift worker sleeping disorder, depression and other psychological issues affecting sleep.

Bariatric Surgeons
Obesity is one of the main risk factor for Obstructive sleep apnoea. Bariatric surgeons work closely with our team in the surgical management of obesity.